About us

We believe that human beings love to take good care of their children, but due to the fast pace of modern life sometimes parents lack time, knowledge and patience. We are ready to help attentive parents to raise their children properly.

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Our values
  • Child: We seek to make all of our children happy, creative, sociable and developing their skills due to personal capabilities and age.
  • Education: Childhood is the most important period in the formation of personality, influencing the whole life. Therefore, we have created an international practice and our experience-based education program „Šilagėlės vaikai", in order to have a happy childhood that makes more sense, and purposefully help a little person to develop into a mature personality.
  • Meaningful childhood: The childhood processes have a tremendous impact on the formation of child's personality. Thus, Šilagėlė offers more meaning for a happy childhood and help our little human beings to become bright personalities.
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Visit us

Before taking the decision to allow your children to attend the pre-school educational facility, please come and see the specialists at Šilagėlė. You will be introduced to our system and receive some professional advice on how to raise your child. We are committed to communicate with the parents and provide them with the open days at our kindergartens.